Our Prices

   While there are too many options and sizes to estimate the price of all possible combinations  here, this pricing tool can give you an estimate of how much a basic set of cabinets would be for your kitchen.

   Orders over $1,200 include free toe kick and 2 1/4" crown moulding.

          Wall Cabinets

   Our standard wall cabinets are 12" deep and 30"  tall. Each cabinet comes with two 3/4" plywood shelves shelves. and shaker style doors. Corner wall cabinets have a single 45 degree door

   Upgrades available are 15" depth, up to 48" height, and a large variety of

door styles.

          Base Cabinets

   Our standard base cabinets  are 34 1/2" high and 24" deep. Matching toe kick panels are included with all base cabinets.

        Drawer Base

   A standard drawer base has three drawers, one 6" and two 9 1/4",on side mount slides with a solid wood front. You can choose two 13" deep drawers at no extra cost. Drawer widths can be from 12" to 48".

   Upgrades would include four or more drawers, undermount slides, and a variety of fronts.

              Corner Cabinets

   Our standard corner cabinets  includes one full depth shelf and a single 45 degree door. Blind corner cabinets have doors at 90* to each other as pictured below. 

   Upgrades include one or two lazy susans, one or more drawers, and a bi-fold door.There are no upgrades for blind corner cabinets.

              Regular Base (1 Drawer / 1 Door; 2 Drawer/ 2 Door)

   This cabinet comes standard with 6" drawers, solid drawer fronts, and shaker doors.

             Sink Base

   A standard sink base has no shelves and false drawer fronts to match the upper drawers in your other base cabinets.

   Upgrades include tip-out drawers to store small items in.


   Standard islands are a combination of the above listed bases with smooth, finished hardwood plywood panels added to the ends and back.

   Upgrades include solid wood, raised panels, L or U shaped islands, and many other options.

   The kitchen pictured here is stained maple with arched, raised panel doors (2 upgrades), with 5 finished ends (1 upgrade), and includes the cabinets listed below from left to right;

Wall; 1 - 36", 1 - 18", 1 - corner,

1 - 18" 1 - 30" microwave, 1 - 12" and 1 - 36" refrigerator cabinet.

Floor; 1 - 18", 1 - 36" sink, 1 - 18", 1 - blind corner, and 1 - 12" cabinets.

   The price of this kitchen is $3084.00.


     Our cabinet removal, installation, and disposal services would be at an additional charge. Delivery charge may apply.


Pricing For Our Services


   If you purchase and have us install a new kitchen, and are within 40 miles of our shop, we will measure your room at no charge. Longer distances may incur a fee to compensate our drive time.


   We charge $3.00 per mile plus $40.00/hour while installing. Small to medium kitchens normally take 6 - 10 hours.

Cabinet Removal

   If you want us to remove your old cabinets, we will do that on the installation day, normally adding about two hours. There is a $60 disposal fee if we take your cabinets back with us.


   We require a 50% down payment when you order your cabinets. The other 50% is due when we deliver or install your cabinets.

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